Ventilation of industrial processes

   AMF/FILTREX systems are engineered to control contaminates
   generated during the industrial process. Ventilation can be
   provided at the source to control the release of contaminates that
   escape. Proper containment serves to maintain a safe and healthy
   work environment.

   Nuisance dust control

   The escape of dust particles into the workplace atmosphere is 
   undesirable and the excessive dust can cause industrial and 
   health problems. Let AMF/FILTREX help you reduce harmful dust  
   from your workplace.Protect your employees with one of our 
   specially designed dust control systems.

   Product recovery

   AMF/FILTREX can offer an effective and 
   complete solution to meet your exact
   application requirements. Product recovery
   systems will increase your production yields 
   and reduce your costs by recovering residual 
   product left behind.

   Pneumatic conveying

   Each of our pneumatic conveying systems is
   engineered for your specific requirements. At
   AMF/FILTREX we use quality materials along 
   with rugged construction to give each system 
   years of continued use. Pneumatic conveying 
   can improve your production efficiency while
   you gain valuable floor space and save your
   company money.

   Scrap and trim removal

   AMF/FILTREX trim removal systems are 
   engineered to convey scrap trimmings to
   any location inside or outside of your 
   building. Trim removal systems can be 
   designed in all shapes and sizes and can  
   handle trim removal applications from paper
   to metal.